About Us

Experience counts; this is shown through the thousands of high-producing dairy parlours in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Another innovation, our Ezi-Flo Pit Gates are being used in Australia, America, South America, UK, Ireland and Europe.

The key to Waikato Dairy Builders' longevity and success is our commitment to building optimum performance dairies that not only meet but exceed the demands placed by the high production requirements of modern farming. And we just cannot stop innovating.   

We have also listened to our clients over the years and provided innovative elements within the parlour that make life easier. A good idea seems obvious in hindsight; we invented the washing system on the backing-gate, now a standard in dairy design. All pipe work is suspended from the ceiling to make cleaning easier. Ezi-flo, Pitgates, squeeze's, step-up bars for tag access, pit drafting, the vet race ... the features continue from Waikato Dairy Builders'.

Choose our dairy and you are guaranteed to get an innovative solution, ultimately giving you increased profitability.