Herringbone Parlours

A Waikato Dairy Builders parlour is designed to maximise milking efficiency and provide dairy farmers with better profitability.

Proven Cow Flow

From the raceway to the herringbone, cow flow is maximised. Faster milking times and reduced stress mean higher milk production and a relaxed milking environment.

Proven Designs

Where farmers are operating under budget constraints, or initial milking requirements are reduced, the portal frame design, without walls, provides a low cost option and better cow flow. We build different types of parlours, such as the likes of Herringbone Milking parlour.

Regardless of your budget or farming requirements, proven designs are available to meet your needs. Waikato Dairy Builders can advise on the most suitable design for your requirements.

race thru the pitProven health and hygiene

Our designs allow for easy AB and veterinary access as well as efficient washdown. Exclusive to Waikato Dairy Builders is the unique washing system for the backing gate. The herringbone pipe work is suspended from the ceiling to minimise cleaning. The pit area can also be finished with a surface coating for durability and ease of cleaning.

Increased Options

Depending on the size of the herringbone farm dairy, Waikato Dairy Builders have a number of options for machine room and vat stand designs that will suit parlour designs, such as the Herringbone Milking Parlour design. Where large herds are to be milked, double silo designs are available. Every design has a records/ storage room included.

Proven Efficient Construction

All construction materials are very durable and meet stringent Dairy Co requirements. They are efficiently coordinated on to the site. Experience in construction means that on average, most farm dairies are completed in less than five weeks.