Backing Area

  • Option of circular yard or square yard
  • Double backing gates gives the ability to seperate two herds
  • Automated washing as gate moves reducing clean up time of backing area
  • Recessed shape enables fast extraction of waste and water

AB Race

  • Full access to cows for artificial insemination

Vet Race

Roof protects vet from the sun and rain

  • Drop down, gate, stop/backing
  • Extra gate behind cow
  • Head lock
  • Side gate

AB / Vet Access

  • Drafting is easily carried out between the holding pens
  • Multiple gate configuration options

Store/Engine/Work/Rest Room

  • The Building separated from the bail area, giving light and equal area on each side of the building
  • Spacious office, kitchen, work-room and storage area
  • Can be built to any specs (i.e. can include a kids' room)
  • All areas built to dairy specifications

Vat/Chiller/Water Area

Whether you are operating under budget constraints, reduction of milking requirements, enclosing environments with or without walls, proven designs are available to meet your needs. Waikato Dairy Builders.

  • Exterior positioning makes cleaning easier
  • Ability to adjust vat to suit farm expansion
  • Double vat stand or single vat stand
  • Chiller shed provides housing for water/farm pumps and any machinery

Pit/Bail Area

All construction materials are durable and meet MAF and dairy company requirements. They are efficiently co-ordinated onto the site. Experience in construction means that, on average, most farm dairies are completed in less than five weeks.

  • Easy access on both sides of the bail means easier drenching
  • Because there are no walls, cows have no preference for any particular side
  • Any milking machines can fit in the shed
  • We work with any milking machine company, electrician or sub-contractor